add. Human Rights – Part 4

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

Most probably you already realized that this time my first post was different to what it usually looks like and this post will also be different compared to my normal of an “add.” post.

Today I would like to talk about feminism I want to point out the aims of feminists in different countries. I am aware of the fact that it politically incorrect to do so but in this case it is more than important to differentiate between 1st and 3rd world countries because the ideas behind women rights are entirely diverse.

In many third-world countries, the feminist movement is concerning the basic Human-Rights, is fighting for respect and women’s pride and dignity. They have every right to be heard, not only that but they also need support and help from each and every man and woman in the rest of the world, there are more than enough reason.

But as you might imagine I am not going to talk about these women. I want to talk about women in the “first-world”, women protected by law and state, women that were educated to stand their man, women not knowing what it means to be a woman. I am talking about those that think men are their handicaps and paralyzation concerning their development. Which development? Do men stop women growing a beard or getting bald?  Women who believe that men see themselves in the stronger position, that they like suppressing women. So as a matter of fact these women believe this and fight it. Do they want to make people believe if they stop washing, start walking around as if they just came from the fields, so they show how independent they are? Does it make them stronger than women that look like they know how to spell soap? Sorry ladies you just smell stronger and man just need a stronger stomach in order to get close to you. There is one big misapprehension- men are not scared of your power- men are scared of parasites. Women that are fighting an entire gender and whenever you as a woman are in a discussion with them, opposing their opinion, you become their enemy that enjoys the rights they fought for. Who is- they?

I thank all the women fighting for women rights in the last century and I really mean it! I thank the women that fought the corset, I thank those that made it possible that a woman can work, I thank the women that achieved that woman can vote. Thank you!

And I thank those women that think that I am too stupid to fight for my rights now. Can I leave you a list of my problems with the collection office, at work or when I miss my bus and the man behind the wheel does not wait for me? Can I address you when I am wrong in a discussion with my man and he lets me know, because then he obviously feels in a better position? Can you fight for me in these cases and please let me know who will take care of these of my issues. Give me a telephone number.

I am fascinated because whenever you are discussing with a feminist, she personally for sure fought your husband, boyfriend or any man within your vicinity to protect your rights, at least she will try to give you this impression! If you are happy with your husband, there is for sure something nonfactual with you.

Women complaining about men treating women should cogitate; who are the people educating these boys mainly? Isn’t it a fact that woman in large part educate boys? Obviously it is the women that have to learn then! Evolution is a question of time, not a question of pressure. Men have nothing against strong women but they do struggle with the role allocation if “everyday business” becomes a gender-fight.

Women out there: YOU ARE TAKING YOURSELVES A BIT TOO IMPORTANT! Nobody is trying to fight you, for God’s sake- we love them and they love us- what about talking? What about explaining your point of view? You are not their slaves unless YOU want to feel it that way. If you want a man’s respect- earn it like they earn ours. I am sorry to say but what I can see in women’s behavior in my city- they sell themselves so cheap that they should not wonder being treated the way they are. If you pay peanuts, all you get are monkeys.

Slavery is a serious issue! Women in the “first-world” are not slaves. They are searching for somebody to blame for not knowing which gender they belong to.


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