Human Rights – Part 1

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

Wonderful words written by intelligent dreamers, by believers in the humankind, by idealists. Thank the Lord, most of these people live in their own world and hardly ever have to be confronted with reality. Oh yes they are right and so was Marx, Engels and all the other people taking their mind-setting as a common or even normal moral.

I am sorry to say – I have the impression that this is an illusion. If you look at the world and what people dare to take advantage of, you sometimes tend to question God’s patience.

When did YOU feel really free last? When was your dignity equal to the president’s? When did you last feel like a brother or sister to a homeless or a celebrity? Where is the spirit of brotherhood in asylums, in homes for elderly or people with disabilities, where is our spirit when whites meet blacks. Where is it when a police officer meets an ordinary person and he has a bad-hair-day?

The book of human-rights some times seems to me like the update of the Ten Commandments – written for people that needed to be told that killing or stealing is not good and still people kill! There is just one BIG difference – if you kill you are sent to prison but of the People not following the human-rights are never listed, never mentioned anywhere or even running states.

“The article thus defines the basic assumptions of the Declaration: that the right to liberty and equality is Man’s birthright and cannot be alienated: …”

– a beautiful sentence meaning love your neighbour like yourself- a grand idea and the ideal situation if mankind wasn’t greedy, selfish and immoral, a great way of living if we had no EGOS, if we take ourselves not so serious and if we sometimes try to see the world from a child’s point of view. There is a song by Cat Stevens that everyone knows and when ever I hear it I wonder how many fathers and mothers really listen to it and if yes, which part do we still not understand. He sings- From the moment I could talk, I was ordered to listen – so much to the equality and liberty as a birthright. The most important part concerning this is we love our children and we teach them to talk in order to tell them to be quiet and listen, how do we treat people we don’t know or don’t like… I think you don’t need examples but let me still give you one. (I know that my fiancé will laugh reading this, because this is a bad habit of mine, even if you don’t want to hear it, if it burns in my soul I need to say it out loud :) P.S.: I love you)

I was at a consulate with my fiancé and we asked when our appointment that was supposed to be taking place something like 20min before will be taking place, the lady behind the glass, protecting her EGO, ignored us until we were standing right in front of her, we asked her in a polite and silent way when she thinks that the counsellor will be considering the moment appropriate to talk to us. She raised her voice and told me to shut-up and sit on my hysterical a..  (Excuse her French) until she tells us that he would be willing to talk. At this spot I would like to thank my sister behind the glass, well done head of state, your people were really taught how to stick to the human rights, I pull my head. We were waiting for 2 hours until we were told that the counsellor is not talking to anyone but the people of his State-origin.

A praise to human rights, a praise to law, a praise to the state and a praise to all the states accepting this behaviour!

This paragraph is still my favourite:

“…and that, because man is a rational and moral being, he is different from other creatures on earth and therefore entitled to certain rights and freedoms which other creatures do not enjoy.”

Great! May God always give the good ones the belief in man-kind and may he lead the others to see the world from the good ones’ eyes.

In God we trust, for humanity we pray.


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