Human Rights – Part 2

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind,

such as race, well tell this to the Gypsies, the Palestinians, the Jews, the Kurds, the Croatians, the Turks, the Yugoslavians or any other people being chased for their race.

colour, tell this to Africans, Indians, Chinese, Thais or Mexicans

sex, tell this to the women in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Iran etc.language, tell this to those that go abroad and don’t get the chance to learn the language spoken in the new place, they just moved to as long as they are in asylums.

religion, tell this to the Muslims, the Jews and each and everyone that has his confession written in his or her passport, if it is not important as to say, if it is not having any impact on the way you are treated why do you need to have it in your passport then? How come Muslims are locked up in jails until they can prove they have nothing to do with extremists?

political or other opinion, oh yes we know that one – the only once I can think of that are not districted for their political opinion or any other, are the politicians themselves. They are not even held responsible for being hypocrites. No they really enjoy the Declaration entirely.

national or social origin, this one doesn’t even make me smile anymore, this is where we can see that no matter how hard you bend a law it never breaks.

property, if you have enough nobody is going to make it districtive but it has to be enough to make others profit from it.

birth or other status and there we go the summary of all of them all the illusions of good fated people, the top of disappointment, the cherry on the icing concerning the patience of paper wherever you find a signature of somebody running the government.

All these illusions, dreams and hopes in humankind are feeding all of us profiting from 3rd world countries by living the way we do. Don’t misunderstand me; I don’t want to live in a hood somewhere in the mud. I am not one of these people lying to myself and others to the extend that I would say, I would give-up my heating system, my supermarket or my electricity but is there nothing like a middle way. Who are we to be all so sure that there could never be a situation in which we would be the ones in need? Do we really expect the ones that we forget now- to help us then with hospitality? Oh yes we do! We think they will welcome us, exactly how we are welcomed when we go to their countries for holiday. Wake-up folks, we go there pretending to have invented the world that we allow them to serve us. We behave as if we own the place and the people there, we spend money like it is growing on trees and we behave towards the residents that our own mothers would be ashamed of us. Then in case of trouble we would crawl to Turkey, Thailand, Yugoslavia, India etc bringing nothing but trouble, hatred, disrespect and empty hands – they will welcome us the way we welcome those that seem strange to us, the asylum seeker and the people from different cultures even if they are not trouble, even if they don’t come with empty hands, disrespect and hatred. We treat them with prejudgments and fear. We are not even trying to understand their way of life with the excuse that they come to our place, what about topless women in Nizza next to the Muslim beach, what about women going to Saudi Arabia not willing to wear something on their head. What about all these moments that we pretend to be interested in other cultures and going there without having the slightest idea what the customs are? We can not even make it during our holidays!

Sometimes I wish that some people just experience this for 2 days, just two days would be good enough already.

Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty. Oh so this is why people are “locked-up” like animals in asylums and let them wait for the outcome concerning their staying for years, without being allowed to work, to earn money but they get an amount of money that does not even make food a normal issue. Look at France; the citizens of their Colonies are only French as long as they stay in their country in France they are “black feet”.

Still a beautiful concept but not constructed for simple and narrow minded beings like us humans, ready for conflicts.


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3 Responses to Human Rights – Part 2

  1. Zane Mcatee says:

    I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked your site to check out the new stuff you post.

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