Human Rights – Part 3

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

I am sorry to say but I really don’t understand this one. What do we call life? What is liberty in our eyes? How do we define security? Is there a difference between a person and people, a human or an individual? Obviously there is! What is the difference? Who are the people in charge to define who is a person and who is not?

In case you don’t understand the questions that come to my mind- let me just give you ONE out of a thousand examples. Welcome to Guantanamo, each and everyone living here has been taken their Human Rights as we still have to find out whether you are a person or just a human. We are not sure yet because you might be standing in connection with people that we educated to be walking weapons and then they started malfunctioning. We have to protect the security of those that we think are “persons” so we lock you up until we- the “crown of God’s creation”- know whether you are worth living or you have to line up for death-penalty waiting for it locked in a cell the next one to forty years until your turn comes.

Oh yes- America I think you are really the perfect ones judging who is sticking to the “Declaration of Human Rights” and which countries are not!

So death-penalty is for those that the expiring date just ran out? Does the right to life have an expiring date or is it the person that became a creature after the expiring date? Is it for their own security that they are taken the right to life, are these laws preventing them from some terrible decease that they would have to die of- is there something like the creatures’ decease and if yes is it inflictive? Is there any method that can prevent you from catching it?

Oh yes Americans supporting death-penalty or torture in prisons you are the perfect example for protection and security of person! America; send your sons to a war that was not theirs and let them be killed in a country for no reason. There they will show how proud they are of you, how they fight for America on foreign territory for Human Rights on strangers’ ground by dying in a war that was made-up. Yes America, your mothers are proud of you. Long live the Declaration of Human Rights that your head of State signed in 1948! Just watch out that you die before your expiring date!

There was just one mistake you made the last elections outcome was against you. 36 years ago you still had the Apartheid, now you have a black president- what happened? Did you all of a sudden let a fresh breeze enter your ear and blow the dust out your brains? What is this are you all of a sudden trying to be an example for open-mindedness? What is this – a no risk no fun thing or is it a long lasting plan against narrow-mindedness?

And those in other countries that think- Thank God we are not like that- turn and look at your asylums! Most of us don’t even have to go that far. Let us look at ourselves. Is what you have, what you would call a life? How about your liberty and your security? Would you say a woman, man or a child beaten at home enjoys any of these rights? How many times do we witness this right to be taken away from somebody and we rather ignore it than protect the rights we all should cherish? Oh yes, our Human Right is ofcourse more important than the others because everyone creates his life the way he wants it. We all have the right to choose as we have the right of liberty! I am sure when you are beaten half dead you asked for it before, most probably you didn’t know that it would hurt or you wanted to be hurt but you forgot the pain you had last time. When I hear statements like: “Yes but she or he asked for it”, I try to imagine how people would put it into words out of their wish for security for instance it would have to be something like: “Love could you be so kind and beat the s..t out of me because I feel so insecure today, you know I always feel safe when I bleed out of my mouth?”. Another possibility would be asking because you want to feel alive: “Darling I can’t feel my legs today could you please break them so I would know that I am alive?” or for liberty reasons: “Sweetheart if you really love me would you please kick me down the staircase? I need to feel like flying, the breeze touching my cheeks when I fall down the staircase always give me this feeling of being free.”

Life, liberty and security are luxury for most of us. Luxury is something we are all aiming at we don’t need we adjusted to not having. We should start creating excess to the good things in life instead of adjusting to those we have to.


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