An inflationary used word, an emotion hard to explain and a feeling rarely felt. Almost each and every one of us used this word at least once but did we really know what we were talking about? The definition is: Love is the strongest affection a human is able to feel and it does not ask for requital.Love is THE powerful emotion, that doesn’t require logic not only but any logical attempt towards it confuses and is even able to diminish it. No need to try to understand, no need to try to explain and no need to try to define it. Love is the only emotion that you need somebody to teach you!

Love is one big sign, a constant sign of appreciation that you are alive, a fresh breeze, a permanent interruption of routine, the knowledge that even if you quarrel and even if nothing seems right, this person takes your hand and you walk the way, no matter where to, together. I am not talking of a pink cloud that invariably surrounds you but it is the feeling of it, the willingness to let it happen if it comes-up. Love is the awareness of the beauty in life and the joy that it creates the ability to share laughter even if you are down, to miss things that disturb you about somebody when this someone is not around. The way you show appreciation, the way you do not expect anything in return and the way your feel when the beloved one likes it. Love is this firework in your stomach that lightens every time you hear the voice, love is the smell of skin that you can recall every time you need tenderness or safety. Love is what makes your feet warm in winter; love inspires your brain to soaring flights of intellect.

I thought I was resistant to this feeling, I thought I was not made for romance and I started to believe that love is a fairytale. IT IS NOT! Love is hard to carry, love is hard to find, love is hard to trust and love is hard to let happen but believe me it is worth waiting, fighting and living for. I hardly ever used that word and I didn’t like the sound of it, but now every time I say it my heart jumps and my pulls speeds. Each and every sign of love, trust, care and affection leaves a trace in your brain and totalizes a puzzle of shiny little crystals that everyone can see sparkling in your eyes, like a diamonds fire. When you are in love, when you love somebody your inside is warm comparable to you sitting with some hot chocolate in front of a fireplace when it snows outside. Love is like the laughter of a child, it is pure, it is natural, it is spontaneous and if you know its origin and how to handle it – it lasts forever.

P.S: Thanks to the man that taught me and still shows me more of my abilities each day.


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