R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me!

Some days ago I got a really interesting pop-up. It was called – Do you know how many women are unhappy in their marriages and still don’t get divorced?

What an issue!

When I read such articles or pop-ups I always think to myself – For God’s sake – who is the smart-a.. knowing the answer to this question and who is he to talk about it. Interesting is also that when you clicked on it you could find a search-field in which you have to write your address and it would list all unhappy women within your vicinity. Who is this person to open this subject and does he/she do it in order to help these women to finally ruin their marriage entirely? Is he or she getting paid by a divorce-lawyer?

This issue being raised in such a primitive manner right after Valentine’s Day – the day of love, the day of lovers – respect! This is what I call a stomach. What a brilliant suggestion to get divorced immediately when you are unhappy. Who defines “being unhappy” so perfectly, so objectively, so respectfully and eloquent that it is prevalent? Who is this extraordinary person and how come he forwards all this knowledge to a person lacking all of these skills and capabilities. Funny enough it still leads to an everyday item: Is this misunderstood civil courage? Is this supposed to wake the sleeping or is it just disrespect combined with a never satisfied lust for sensation?

I am surprised how far people go into other peoples life, step over others’ borders and how much joy they seem to get out of it. How deep they stick their noses into others’ privacy in order to withdraw as soon as their reaction is needed requested or would just help.

I live in a country where civilly courageous people are treated as if they were diseased; it is a stigma contrasting to disrespect which started being a question of personal vulnerability and overreaction due to the change of generations.

You might be thinking that I am turning 205 next week but I have to disappoint you I am younger than you might think. Respect for others and civil courage should NOT be a question of generations and people sneaking into your private life should be banned. Privacy whether good or bad should out of human rights should be protected and respected.

And if you happen to know that someone is in need of a hand – HELP AND DON’T TALK ABOUT IT, LEAVE THE TALKING OR PUBLISHING TO THOSE THAT WERE HELPED!!!


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