add. to add. Human Rights – Part 4

Another unusual thing concerning my post is that I have to add something to my last post today. I want to emphasize something that I consider very important! My last post was ONLY dealing with the female situation in the “first- world”. I am very much aware that the situation in many countries of the “third-world” looks very different. The situation of women in countries like Senegal, Ethiopia, Afghanistan etc. etc. definitely do remind of slavery. The very strange thing is though, these women do not consider themselves slaves until they see or hear about women in other places of the world.

Girls are being sold to old man as wives or being raped by friends of their fathers, before they reach the age of 12. This is nothing unusual. Girls after the age of twelve could get pregnant and this is why the ordeal then stops or continues as a wedded wife of a much older man. Most of the time it is one of the man that got excess to this girl’s virginity before. Yes! I call this slavery. Yes! One has to fight that. Yes! This should be made public. Yes this needs to be stopped. YES THIS IS AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS!

There are various methods of slavery all over the world. There is traditional slavery dictated by customs, misunderstood religion or any feeling of superiority which need to be clarified and eliminated. These grievances need to be cleared out with patience, tenderness and exercised due care because hysteria and pressure will not do any good. When we talk about changes in such a way, we are talking about getting into people’s mind setting; we are talking about fundamental jars of traditions and mistreatment over generations. These circumstances are to change in men and women, which does not really help. Women adjusted to be broken and men can not feel with their girls or women. If you never experienced pain, you wouldn’t understand if you are told what it feels like. I am not trying to say that men are supposed to feel the same pain in order to understand what they are doing to those women- there are enough boys being raped too- what I am trying to say is: Understanding needs a lot more than talking, it sadly enough needs a break through to the person’s heart, soul and personality. In order not to turn the traditions into a general hatred; gentle, soft as well as heaps of knowledge are required when it comes to proceeding.

Women of the “first-world” turn your focus and calm your anger, your hysterics and enjoy being safe women and help those that need your voice, the ones that really live slavery from the day they are born! Show your pride and show your female power, your intuition and your female gentleness and use it in a positive movement- not in a war against men- in a smooth movement for a better- together.

I trust you! I bank on you! Let’s show what we can do in a good way, with joy, humour and respect!


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