Human Rights – Part 5

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

I love this sentence out of many reasons. The way it is said is beautifully irrational, it is so innocent, so purely thought.

Many of you will not really understand what I mean but let me put you in picture about what I want to say. No one shall be subjected to inhuman treatment- there is no other creature on this planet enjoying torturing another of his kind but mankind. There is no other creature creating that grand variety of torturing one another like humankind. This is the difference between man and animal. We kill out of joy, we destroy out of pleasure, and we torture or treat each other inhuman because we like it.

The sentence therefore should be: No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, human or degrading treatment or punishment.

Let me scream out what burns holes in my soul since I read a book about the war in ex-Yugoslavia, which is the most brutal, the most unbelievable stories concerning treatment of other humans. When we hear about the Holocaust, we get goose bumps, but believe me this book was equal to the Holocaust tortures. It is the proof that man can not learn from the past. Let me give you one or two examples of humiliation, inhumanity, cruelty and torture, far beyond belief.

One journalist reports about a woman that soldiers blinded by taking her eyes out with a spoon. This was obviously not enough torture hence they handed her a plastic bag containing her baby sliced into small pieces. The soldiers told this woman to remember the next time she senses soldiers around her- as she was blind now- she should think twice before complaining not having anything to eat or they would make dog-food out of her other children too.

I think that this example is more than enough. After each and every sequence I had to stop reading, put the book aside and try to digest what I read. I know that in times of war, nobody cares about Human Rights. I know that war is the time Human Rights are under narcosis.

Tell me which animal, which creature coming directly coming for hell, which devil is able to go that far! Where does so much hatred come from? Where is the soul of such a creature? How dare this creature call itself a human? Who is the creature having such a sick brain to come up with such torture and even enjoy it? Where is the end of imagination when it comes to possible torture, cruelty and degrading treatment?

I feel sick when thinking that there is obviously no limit to creativity torturing and brutality but our imagination is coming to an end so fast when we have to do something good. How many times have you heard: “What can I do about that? This is far too big for me. I don’t have the power to do anything against that. This is so far away, how should I help? etc. etc.” This is not a valid excuse, IT IS NOT VALID!!! Creativity is nothing that is human only, monkeys are creative, rats and mice are; each creature on the globe is! We as the so felt crown of God’s creation are the only ones that are really good when it comes to destructive creativity but not just half-hearted when it comes to positive creativity, do I get that right?

My God! We should be ashamed of ourselves! We should be ashamed of our laziness of our immorality of our ability to make others suffer! I am ashamed that we need some brains to set something like the Human Rights up. I am even more ashamed that more or less nobody can quote at least three of them! I am ashamed that those who signed them forgot immediately as soon as the paper was out of their sight! I am ashamed that “first-world” dare to judge other countries, whether first-world or any other but when their hand is needed they are busy digging in dirt that is not even their own! I am ashamed of myself that I break at least one of the Human Rights everyday if you take them seriously. I am ashamed of myself that I send money to Haiti to shut my soul and bad conscious up, while others go there and help. Yes we all make mistakes. Yes we all step over Human Rights. Yes we all are so good in criticizing and so bad in taking action. There is just one difference between the ones and the others- some of us are aware of breaking the Human Rights and the others don’t even know what they are. The ones that break them with joy and the ones doubt themselves when they did.

This article of the declaration of Human Rights is made for our children I hope; probably they will know how to stick to it. They are our future. May it be a good one!!!


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