Lüfthildis and Husband; dinner at 6PM.

Father took Lüfthildis’ hand and led her through the living room, still laughing about her taking his shoes along for a ride through the entrance. They ended up on this beautiful balcony full of flowerpots. All flowers there were in bloom. He showed her one particular flower, it was beautiful. It had these fine and thin pink petals. It was so soft and simple, so not trying to compete with others- it was simply perfect in its existence. Father showed it to Lüfthildis by turning the tiny head towards her and then he gently took her face and smiled at her with this soft and gentle glance in his eyes. Lüfthildis’ heart was standing still for a second, it was melting, it felt so home. This moment was one of those that you never forget one that stays in your heart, soul and on your mind for the rest of your life. Then father explained Lüfthildis that the balcony was just closed because it was really cold and now they can sit there even in winter. She stood there listening and SHE UNDERSTOOD, but as they do not speak the same language, she didn’t find a way to express that husband told her and she thinks it is beautiful. Oh yesss there her heart started beating like crazy again. Blood was whooshing trough her ears again, she decided a slightly unintelligent smile on her face would ease the situation, it would clarify that for the time being, thousands of thoughts are running through her brain and whenever she is trying to catch one- oooppss it is gone. Her blood was pressed into her brain and there was no space for a before learned sentence that she already had difficulties pronouncing when she was relaxed all by herself in the bathtub. She turned around and with the squeakiest of all her voices she called: “Love! Love please come here and help me out!” There is one thing that we women seriously believe- we think when we leave a room, the time in the room we left stands still and nobody in there is moving. We are sure that if we leave someone standing right behind the door he will wait there just the way he was standing when we left, which is kind of difficult if the person was running but come-on put some effort! You have to manage, you are a man :) The funniest about this, is we are not even aware of it, we just take it for granted.

Husband was obviously not sticking to those rules BUT the way husband is he popped-up within seconds. He came and backed her up, helped her out and translated what she was clumsily trying to say. These two men are sooooo alike! The way they smile and the way they treat Lüfthildis with gentle and tender care. Husband embraced his father and then stood next to Lüfthildis holding her sweaty hand.

Mother came inside too and they all sat together. They sat there talking about her trip, about what they did the last day and about their plans for tomorrow. Husband, the diamond of the three others sat there translating every spoken word but it was really interesting that nobody seemed to have a problem talking freely in a language that the others do not understand. Not that Lüfthildis is a person that bothers when she is not understood as sometimes, even in her mother tongue, she is very hard to understand. Husband took care of all of them. It was so relaxed and smooth and funny enough Lüfthildis felt comfortable without making a fool out of herself. She just enjoyed the moment although her heart was still beating like crazy and her hands developed waterfalls.

Then mother all of a sudden got up and left the room, when she came back she had that artful look on her face. She brought out this necklace for Lüfthildis. It was beautiful. She came close and took Lüfthildis’ head with a gentle hand and put it on her shoulder. She opened the chain. She put it around her neck and tried to close it. Lüfthildis’ heart was about to break through her chest and land on mothers jumper. Mother must have felt it. She held her head and asked husband to close the chain. His hands were like two butterflies dancing in the sun and it was closed.

The three of them went through the corridor in to the dining-room. The sight of the table there was far beyond belief. The table was bending under the weight of the different dishes mother prepared. Lüfthildis’ eyes were about to fall out. She never ever saw that many fabulous, selected and delicious dishes on one table. The spit in her mouth was about to show like a waterfall. She had difficulties to swallow it. It must have looked like she didn’t eat for the last couple of years and she even felt like that. The sandwich and the eggs with sausages, the olives and the bread, the cheese and the honey and all the other food that she had this day seemed like she had it 3 years ago.

Women eat! Women eat a lot! When we meet a man the first time and say: “I would love to have a salad without dressing” turn to the men and continue “I have to be careful about my weight”. There two ways of looking at it: 1. we are fishing for a compliment- so lie to us and tell us that we don’t need to bother, we are beautiful- if you can afford buying the place. 2. We just came from eating the entire capacity of the restaurants cooling chamber and now we just want to top it with a couple of boring lettuces, that we will ask to be rapped for our rabbit at home as we couldn’t be bothered to buy any food for it.

Lüfthildis is not like that! She eats and she shows that she loves it in big amounts. She is an expensive trout making excellent use of feed. Watching her eat that evening would have made you full already. They sat around this beautifully set table. She was sitting between her future father and mother and right opposite husband. The napkins had ribbons with flowers on and the glasses were standing in little groups of three. The plates were selected and placed that the designs were all at the same spot. There was so much love in each detail. Mother came with the soup and when she lifted the cask cover this wonderful smell expatiated upon the entire room. Mother filled the soup plate for Lüfthildis and she looked at her with this face: “tell me when to stop pouring” Oh! Lüfthildis was so happy, now she could pretend that she doesn’t understand. It was a feast, a real delight. The taste of the soup exploded in her mouth and her mind was flying.

When women eat, it is like when they do their make-up or are in a grand sale. They can’t hear you! Their feelings are on ground level and you could cut their legs without them screaming! But be careful when they swallowed they are back alert and then your blood is spread. They are passive listeners, which means they can hear you but their brain can not do anything with the information it gets, until the agitation and focus is released and open for other things. Interesting is – they can talk. The origin might be that most of the time we don’t need to use our brains before or while we talk. This is a phenomenon that only few men know about. It might not sound positive but believe me we enjoy it. Food is our meditation and the more we are stressed or the more we enjoy, the more we have to meditate.

Oh! Mother organized THE meditation for Lüfthildis! She felt like in a hamam or spa! The food was so delicious that she wanted to eat the plate with it in order to make sure that she didn’t leave anything. She had humus, dolma, köfte, a great variety of different salads, börek, the rice of a lifetime, beef with stew and every possible wonderful food you could think of. She was in family, food and drinks heaven!!!

There is one thing that I will never understand. How can some women cook and no matter how long it takes you to eat, when you get your next dish it is perfectly cooked and still warm? Do these women hire elves to stick their fingers into the pots? Do these women do magic, that other women don’t know of? Mother is one of these women having elves in her kitchen. No! She has to be one herself.

Mother remembered her favourite drink and she made these incredible sweets. But before we get to the sweets I have to open another women’s issue.

To be continued…

Tomorrow: “sacred place” in Lüfthildis and husband; what an evening.


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