Lüfthildis and Husband; What an Evening.

Mother is THE woman of the house, THE one that knows how to cook she is the most perfect host. When she removed the plates from the table, Lüfthildis asked whether she can help.

Women’s kitchen is a sacred place! Don’t step over your borders unasked! Don’t!!! Like we don’t paint your car pink because we don’t like it to be black or we don’t use your sander to shape our fingernails. Nobody, nobody is allowed to enter a woman’s kitchen, it is her kingdom. It is a fairytale that we like people to help. PEOPLE have no allowance, if there is somebody allowed we are the once to pick them!

Lüfthildis doesn’t know the idiom ‘step-back’, she just doesn’t. There is this something that keeps telling her: “ask again, you didn’t get a yes yet”. We all don’t know what it is but it has to have a loud voice because it tells her the same thing over and over again even if you said ‘no’ ten times. Mother, after the 3rd time saying: “no thank you I will take care of it” gave in and the little demon inside Lüfthildis stopped talking. She got up like a start-shot fell and off she went to the kitchen.

Mother, the most wonderful female creature God ever created, stood there with all the dishes, all the bowls with food, the pots and glasses. Nobody would believe but she really kept track of the entire scenario. Unreal!

Lüfthildis came in disorganised the kitchen and started to try to arrange herself in the kitchen. Mother tried to find Lüfthildis something to do, but Lüfthildis started to fight her way through to the dishwasher. Arriving there, she felt like she had to take over the control. She started rinsing the plates and pre-washing them. There was not even the slightest doubt in her; there was no asking face towards the mother. She stood there like she had to harvest potatoes.

Another phenomenon about women: we also forget our gender, our uterus when we are into something like house work. We love cleaning as soon as you can see a difference afterwards. We love cleaning in other houses and we love cleaning if we have nothing else to do.

Lüfthildis was so into it, that she didn’t even feel that mother was standing there looking at her so soft and mild. Husband came in to the kitchen, Lüfthildis was almost done putting the dishes into the dishwasher, he came in put his hand on her waist and said with his warm and tender voice: “Aşkım”, which means my love, “what about a cigarette?“ They left the kitchen and went to the balcony, the night was clear and it smelled like candy in the city. Her stomach was full and her heart was jumping. They stood there, he was holding her from behind. His warm chest was pressed against her back. She felt so home!

They stood there and smoked a cigarette in silence. For 3,5 minutes, until Lüfthildis thought it would be time to fill the air with the sound of her voice again. It was so peaceful, so quiet. Nobody will ever understand what issue Lüfthildis has with silence. Christmas would be like the carnival in Rio if Lüfthildis was in Virgin Mary’s place. Nothing like: “Silent night, holy night …“it would be “rumorous night, tell me all at the same time night“, that would have been some challenge to compose a melody to. Probably that is why God would never have picked a woman like Lüfthildis to give birth to his son.

She started blubbing about he evening, what she felt like and how she liked the food- for God’s sake she almost ate the plate. What! Did she think that it was something she had to explain? Did she think one could criticize that she didn’t eat the plates and table? I think the plates were not arranged to be eaten. I think they were supposed to be used more than once after Lüfthildis was there.

Husband, I assume: knowing his woman knew, it would not be a good idea telling this to her, stood there watching her and listening to her way of seeing things. He felt her heart still beating like mad through her jacket. He kissed her neck and held her tight. When they finished their cigarettes they went back inside.

Lüfthildis forced mother to be allowed to take care of the remaining dishes in the kitchen. Mother welcomed her in her kingdom; she left Lüfthildis alone in it. She left Lüfthildis in the kitchen and did not tell her what to do and how to do it; she trusted her knowing how to take care of it. Lüfthildis could not believe that! This woman saw her once and trusted her like not even her best friend would, probably because we know her and that’s why we have our doubts. Lüfthildis can be gentle but she also can be the elephant in the china store. She can be the woman stumbling through the corridor, breaking anything in her way, which she, lucky her, didn’t do that special evening.

After some time husband came in. He had this look on his face, this begging look that she doesn’t like at all. It means that there was something he really didn’t like. He said: “Aşkım, would you mind joining us in the living room, please? “She dropped the cloth and went inside. There the secret sweet pumpkin was already waiting for her. This pumpkin is really special, it is covered with syrup and nuts and it is soft, it tastes like roses and it tastes nutty, it has to be delicious. Her eyes start glooming when she only thinks about it.

Oh come-on she didn’t eat for ages. This woman can eat! You can’t believe how much! Her way of seeing food is like: It needs to be eliminated before it gets fungous! She eliminates everything that is not moving and softer than cardboard. Put sugar on a blanket and she will swallow it whole.

Mother came with tea they sat and talked like they have always been together. Mother showed Lüfthildis pictures of husband when he was a baby and she was looking at those photographs with so much joy and love. Father was sitting there watching the two women and smiling. My God how lucky can one woman be? After the tea a lot of hugging, kissing and embracing, Lüfthildis changed her shoes. Her toes were already squeezed and sticking out of the “pimp-up-my-out fit-shoes“ there was most probably no more blood in them, they were numb and had no more feeling. This is how we do it! If your feet don’t feel like falling off or you can still feel them you didn’t enjoy the evening- women’s logic. Husband took her sweaty hand and they walked off, knowing that the next day, they will see again. WHAT AN EVENING!


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