Evolution is an often used word. Mostly we use it wrong when we want to point out the ability to change. Some people refer to man as the only creature having the endowment to change out of experience with a short period of time. I doubt that!

Many people believe that humankind is able to reconsider after mistakes and has the skill to change the behaviour to the extent that the same mistake would not be repeated. I am of the strong belief that this is wrong for at least 50% of the mankind! Many people believe that man is the only creature on this planet that has the ability to think! I am sure that this is wrong! One of the differences between man and animal must be the overestimation of our own capabilities.

You might not understand what I am talking about but as you most likely already know, I will put you in picture.

I am back to human rights!!! Just for a side step, that is burning a hole into my belief in mankind that is burning a hole into my sense of justice. It is an issue I can’t believe its necessity of raising it. The country it is taking place, obviously has a great reproduction of bad seeds in the society. It is the native country of Adolf Hitler and so is it the person’s that I am about to dedicate this post to. There are threatening similarities between the two. With one big difference, the person I am talking about is copying the body of thoughts of the most irritating and sadistic person that hell spit out.

Whilst indemnification refunds are still in process in order to clean hands of complicity, this country’s right-wing party advances or supports a person noted for racist statements and very close relation to all kinds of right-wing extremists. The marriage partner got fired for verbal and written radical statements. What a reputation? What exactly is the “evolution” of your people? Can you call the ability to copy a sign of development, of evolution? I am sure that Darwin would see that differently! If Darwin knew that this would be a later version of his theory, would he ever have raised this issue or would he have rather swallowed it? As far as I believe he turned in his grave three times, hearing that he is the favourite scientist of such creatures. If possible, Darwin is lying upside down now! Doesn’t that seem to be a message! Most probably he wouldn’t even think about it as it is so far from any kind of evolution. He would not even have taken note of such a person. If he would, he most likely would be laughing his head off. What a waste!

This person is talking against feminism. This being, as a woman, is talking about the loss of gender of the female, whereas she is standing in the first row. Can one say that this is narcissism or is it just a lack of self-reflection? How come that some people on this planet give these creatures the power to raise their voices and talk freely about already defined diseased vermin? When will the information that hatred is no solution to any problem finally end-up in our brains? When will we start to understand that the Declaration of Human Rights was not written for THE OTHERS and how can we expect the third-world OTHERS  stick to the rules that we forgot and continuously forget about?

When I look at the political landscape of this country, there are many thoughts going through my brain. There was another right-winged politician that turned many peoples stomach all over the world inside out. He was a clown, scary but in a good way, next to his replacement. A horrible imagination that the phrase: better the devil you know then the devil that follows, is correct.

According to this creature, she is referring to the church and to catholic belief as the origin of her political point of view. She calls herself a Christian? Which church is she talking about? I am catholic, how come my belief has nothing in common with hers? Which part of the bible is supporting racism? Is there a second bible that only these people have?  How come that the clergy doesn’t know that her way of looking at life has its origin within their church? How come that they are opposing her speeches cagey but definitely?

The mother of a nation, the criterion for right and wrong- so doubted how come? Is she the only one who really understands what is supposed to be done in this country? Is there a slight possibility that she was born in the wrong time? Would she have felt more understood 72 years ago in the same place? Would she have been able to stand the concurrence?


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