Hirpit.net is On Air

Dear All,

I proudly present that, our dear author HIRPIT is going to publish her articles in her own web site HIRPIT.net starting as of today.
As we all know, she’s sharp, sometimes harsh but truthful and honest always. While she’s continuing writing her articles, I will put them here too some time to time.

I congratulate her and wish the best to her in her new website. Please subscribe here for HIRPIT.net.

All the best


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Evolution is an often used word. Mostly we use it wrong when we want to point out the ability to change. Some people refer to man as the only creature having the endowment to change out of experience with a short period of time. I doubt that!

Many people believe that humankind is able to reconsider after mistakes and has the skill to change the behaviour to the extent that the same mistake would not be repeated. I am of the strong belief that this is wrong for at least 50% of the mankind! Continue reading

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Lüfthildis and Husband; What an Evening.

Mother is THE woman of the house, THE one that knows how to cook she is the most perfect host. When she removed the plates from the table, Lüfthildis asked whether she can help.

Women’s kitchen is a sacred place! Don’t step over your borders unasked! Don’t!!! Like we don’t paint your car pink because we don’t like it to be black or we don’t use your sander to shape our fingernails. Nobody, nobody is allowed to enter a woman’s kitchen, it is her kingdom. It is a fairytale that we like people to help. PEOPLE have no allowance, if there is somebody allowed we are the once to pick them!

Lüfthildis doesn’t know the idiom ‘step-back’, she just doesn’t. There is this something that keeps telling her: “ask again, you didn’t get a yes yet”. We all don’t know what it is but it has to have a loud voice because it tells her the same thing over and over again even if you said ‘no’ ten times. Mother, after the 3rd time saying: “no thank you I will take care of it” gave in and the little demon inside Lüfthildis stopped talking. She got up like a start-shot fell and off she went to the kitchen. Continue reading

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Lüfthildis and Husband; dinner at 6PM.

Father took Lüfthildis’ hand and led her through the living room, still laughing about her taking his shoes along for a ride through the entrance. They ended up on this beautiful balcony full of flowerpots. All flowers there were in bloom. He showed her one particular flower, it was beautiful. It had these fine and thin pink petals. It was so soft and simple, so not trying to compete with others- it was simply perfect in its existence. Father showed it to Lüfthildis by turning the tiny head towards her and then he gently took her face and smiled at her with this soft and gentle glance in his eyes. Lüfthildis’ heart was standing still for a second, it was melting, it felt so home. This moment was one of those that you never forget one that stays in your heart, soul and on your mind for the rest of your life. Then father explained Lüfthildis that the balcony was just closed because it was really cold and now they can sit there even in winter. She stood there listening and SHE UNDERSTOOD, but as they do not speak the same language, she didn’t find a way to express that husband told her and she thinks it is beautiful. Oh yesss there her heart started beating like crazy again. Blood was whooshing trough her ears again, she decided a slightly unintelligent smile on her face would ease the situation, Continue reading

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Lüfthildis and Husband; walking up to the flat can be some kind of an issue.

A staircase?! Lüfthildis’ face changed colour within seconds. Slowly approaching the stairs, she continuously repeated: “Love is there an elevator?” Husband did not really understand why she was asking, as they usually live on the third floor without an elevator. He repetitively tried to find out what was going on but Lüfthildis stuttered and there was no reasonable sentence coming out of her mouth. Lüfthildis started plucking parts of her cloth up and others down. Her knees were shaking like an oxtail. She was whispering to husband: “My over-knees are gliding down” her voice was chocked and her face was pulsing and her ears, which are sticking out always must have been blinking red. Continue reading

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Lüfthildis and husband; preparation.

So let us call it restoration-works. Did you know that hair is one of these issues, like boobs or hips? No woman has nothing to complain about it! The most common sentences in this connection are: “Oh my God– (women need to pause there) did you see my hair-do? I look awful!” then they turn towards you, look at you and wait for you to say: “no love, you don’t” and welcome to trap number 2. She will ask you whether you even looked at her and how come you think that you don’t look terrifying. Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!! Continue reading

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Lüfthildis and Husband; The Day Keeps Going.

They went to the first store and Lüfthildis started her stubborn period, checking each and everything these people sold. Husband entered the place and knew there will not be anything for his father. Telling a woman that there is nothing in a shop to buy is like telling devil that you have no soul to sell- THEY DON’T TAKE THAT! Any entrance with a counter and racks has to at least be looked inside even if they sell drillers as there might be a handbag, pair of shoes or set of earrings hidden only for that ONE woman somewhere. Lüfthildis hates shopping basically but she holds it like she does with discussions. Once she is at it, no way to stop her. She doesn’t even like buying, she just looks. Are women blind when they are not in a shop, is it that their eyes open when they hear the sound of the cash opening and closing? When Lüfthildis wants to buy something for her it has to happen fast. She doesn’t line up like others do. She doesn’t try stuff and she leaves most of the stuff she carries around in the shop for the entire time there when she wants to go and pay and there are more then two people waiting. She pays cash and she doesn’t like people working in these shops commenting on what she buys. If they do, she leaves the goods there and walks out. So she is the perfect companion to go shopping with in case you want to be denounced as an absolute weirdo or you don’t want to go to that shop in your life again. Continue reading

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